CI – SURF 21

Surfactants reduce the surface tension and/or interfacial tension between fluids, between fluid and formation, and between fluid and tubular surfaces. Their use is common in all types of treating fluids. Surfactants aid in formation cleanup through their ability to prevent emulsions, reduce surface and interfacial tension, and alter wett ability. This surfactant is an effective surface tension reducer designed to be used in water-base fracturing fluids and acid solutions. It has proven to be effective in gas producing wells for providing more rapid and complete recovery of the treating fluids. This surfactant is cationic and compatible with most stimulation additives and has the property of water-wetting both sand and limestone formations. Low concentrations (0.1 to 0.6 volume percent) reduce surface and interfacial tension, enhancing cleanup and reducing flow-back time.

Date: March 19 Category: ACID ADDITIVES