CI – IC 60

Ferric hydroxide causes formation damages and consequently reduces the permeability and is a potential problem during any acidizing treatment.

This iron control agent is used in a wide variety of application where iron control is required. CI-IC 60 is the most economical and efficient chelating agent for controlling iron and can be used in all acid solutions including 15-28% HCl and HCl-HF systems. It controls Iron ions in the live and spent acid to help preventing the precipitation of iron in the acid solution. Surfactants and mutual solvents can be added to the acid solution in the normal way. The concentrations can be doubled when treating formations containing Siderite or a high concentration of soluble iron. Normal concentration is 5 to 30 gal/1,000 gal (0.5 to 3 Volume percent).
Iron control Prevents the precipitation of iron compounds from acid solutions, restoring permeability and therefore fluid production following acid stimulation treatments.

Date: March 19 Category: ACID ADDITIVES