This corrosion inhibitor aid is a mixture of metallic iodide salt and organic acid. This aid is a very heavy material and not too soluble in HCL at temperatures below 200°F. This intensifier by itself, should never be used to inhibit acid. It is not a stand-alone acid corrosion inhibitor. Reductions in corrosion weight loss can be in the range of 40 to 90% depending on the type of metal exposed. Corrosion intensifier may be used with corrosion inhibitor to limit high temperature corrosion rates on J-55, N-80, 13 Cr and coiled tubing.
Using this aid inhibits corrosion up to 300°F.
The recommended concentration is 10 to 60 gal/Mgal of aid in HCL acid (1 to 6 volume percent). Intensifier becomes fully soluble in HCL when the temperature reaches 200°F

Date: March 16 Category: ACID ADDITIVES